Karl Wimmer

Duquesne University
419 College Hall
(412) 396-1419
Email: [my last name, followed by my first initial] AT duq DOT edu
I spent a wonderful sabbatical as a Research Fellow at the Simons Institute at University of Calfornia-Berkeley during Fall 2013.


Testing k-monotonicity: The rise and fall of Boolean functions
Clément Cannone, Elena Grigorescu, Siyao Guo, Akash Kumar, K. Wimmer

AC0(MOD2) lower bounds for the Boolean inner product
Mahdi Cheraghchi, Elena Grigorescu, Brendan Juba, K. Wimmer, Ning Xie
ICALP 2016

Invariance principle on the slice
Yuval Filmus, Guy Kindler, Elchanan Mossel, K. Wimmer
CCC 2016

Monotonicity, resilience, and the hardness of agnostic learning
Dana Dachman-Soled, Vitaly Feldman, Li-Yang Tan, Andrew Wan, K. Wimmer
SODA 2015

Optimal query bounds for estimating the trace of a matrix
K. Wimmer, Yi Wu, Peng Zhang
ICALP 2014

Low influence functions over slices of the Boolean hypercube are essentially juntas [pdf]
K. Wimmer
CCC 2014

Tight lower bounds for testing linear isomorphism [pdf]
Elena Grigorescu, K. Wimmer, Ning Xie

Testing linear-invariant function isomorphism [pdf]
Yuichi Yoshida, K. Wimmer
ICALP 2013

Sharpness of KKL on Schreier graphs [pdf]
Ryan O'Donnell, K. Wimmer
Electronic Communications in Probability, 2013

Agnostically learning under permutation invariant distributions [pdf]
K. Wimmer
To appear in ACM Transactions on Algorithms
Conference appearance in FOCS 2010

KKL, Kruskal-Katona, and monotone nets [pdf]
Ryan O'Donnell, K. Wimmer
SIAM Journal of Computing (2014, by invitation)
Conference appearance in FOCS 2009

New results for random walk learning [pdf]
Jeff Jackson, K. Wimmer
Journal of Machine Learning Research (2014)
Conference appearance in COLT 2009

Testing Fourier dimensionality and sparsity [pdf]
Parikshit Gopalan, Ryan O'Donnell, Rocco Servedio, Amir Shpilka, K. Wimmer
SIAM Journal of Computing (2011)
Conference appearance in ICALP 2009

Polynomial regression under arbitrary product spaces [pdf]
Eric Blais, Ryan O'Donnell, K. Wimmer
Machine Learning Journal (2010, by invitation)
Conference appearance in COLT 2008

Approximation by DNF: Examples and counterexamples [pdf]
Ryan O'Donnell, K. Wimmer
ICALP 2007


For Spring 2016, I am currently teaching:
Math 116 Calculus II
CPMA 515 Advanced Discrete Math
CPMA 518 Vector Calculus

I have taught the following courses at Duquesne:
Math 100 Calculus with Algebra I
Math 115 Calculus I
Math 116 Calculus II
Math 135 Discrete Math
Math 215 Calculus III
Math 310 Linear Algebra
Math 340 Problem Solving Seminar
CPMA 515 Advanced Discrete Math
CPMA 518 Vector Calculus
CPMA 560 Graph Theory
CPMA 566 Operations Research